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October 2023 - Spooky SZN

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

News from the Town Office Harassment Training —The last set of Harassment Training is set for October 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the Communiplex. This training takes a little over an hour, but taking it in person is very educational. Those who took the first two sessions found them very informative. If you want to participate, and are unable to attend that day, the course is online, as of Sept. 28th. Enrollment is free. The link is: Courses Overview - Enough Already ( Scroll to the bottom for the Course Modules. You can take the Employee version. Full instructions are on the site. The course provides a certificate which they can share as confirmation of attending the course. They are collecting statistics for their training, so the questions are somewhat detailed.

Are your Garbage & Recycle Bins cracked? Missing a wheel? — If they are cracked or have wheel problems, please let us know at the Town Office and we will get a replacement bin to you.

Fall Clean Up —Before the snow flies, please make it easier for our public works dept. to clear snow by removing your trailers off the street. Remember, that Council has established that the Last Saturday in October—October 28, 2023 as clean up day. Anyone from Allan bringing yard waste and trees to the transfer station that day will not be charged the gate fee. Anything going into the bin will be charged the usual rates.

Do you use wipes for personal care? —Wipes in the pipes are not good for our sanitary sewer system, even if they do say flushable. They do not dissolve enough before getting to our pumps. To prevent back ups in your home, or the town pumps, please toss them into the trash.

Building Information — Remember, if you are doing building alterations, moving a building or taking one down, there are permits involved. This is to help keep the people in our community safe and protect our infrastructure. Changing the use of your property requires a development permit. Please ensure that you get your permit in advance of starting your project.

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

If you'd like to see the full newsletter, click the attached PDF.

10_October 2023
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