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June 2021 - May oh my how you flew by!

The Census people are still collecting information, almost all our grants rely on that information, so make sure you Count Yourself In! Animal Complaint Procedure: The procedure for complaints regarding animals who are barking, yowling, at large or defecating on your yard. is as follows:

  1. Written complaint form (available from town office) is returned to the Town Of- fice, completed. If you have photos, please also send to the Town Office.

  2. Town Staff give to Bylaw Enforcement Officer, once a month, on random days. Bylaw Enforcement Officer deals with the complaint, talks to witness, and person whose animal caused the complaint. Tickets may be issued, based on the bylaw.

  3. We will endeavor to advise the complainant what happened after the Bylaw En- forcement officer was through. In some cases, we may need the complainant to testify in Court. You should be prepared for this result, if you issue a written complaint.

Garbage Can Placement—One reason for street failure is something you can help with, just by pulling out your garbage can right to the edge of your pavement. This will keep the truck from driving over the weak edges of pavement and breaking up the road in front of your house. Please help us by pulling your can out just a wee bit fur- ther. What The Flush!—Someone in town put a large cloth/shirt down the sewer. This flush cost Allan residents $1,200 to fish it out of the sewer pumps, plus a day of town staff time and this is the second time this has happened, this year!! This is an UGLY and unnecessary job if you remember: NO WIPES IN THE PIPES they are not flusha- ble. Grease, wipes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel, sanitary supplies and CLOTHING or RAGS do not belong in the sewer lines.

To read the entire newsletter, see the attached PDF!

June 2021
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