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July 2021 - Summer's bringing the heat!

News from the Town Office The Census people are still collecting information for all the residents of Canada. Please help them out as we want to have everyone in Allan counted.

Grass Piles in Hot Weather: Did you know that with the hot weather we are expe- riencing, piles of dead grass behind your fence can get hot enough to start a fire? Please remove these piles to the transfer station. Garbage Can Placement—Please pull out your garbage can right to the edge of your pavement. This will keep the truck from driving over the weak edges of pave- ment and breaking up the road in front of your house. Please help us by pulling your can out just a wee bit further. Also, please put them away as soon as you are able. What The Flush!—NO WIPES IN THE PIPES they are not flushable. Grease, wipes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel, sanitary supplies and CLOTHING or RAGS do not belong in the sewer lines. Swimming PoolDespite all the work on the pool last year, shifting over the winter has caused virtually invisible cracks. We are working hard to get the pool to hold wa- ter. Thank you for your patience. It is such a relief that the world starting to reopen, life is gradually going back to nor- mal. Thank you to everyone who Stuck it to COVID. Please be patient and kind, as we are getting excited to have our lives back. We hope everyone is still staying safe, maintaining distances, washing hands and wearing your masks.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind.

To view the entire newsletter, see the attached PDF.

July 2021
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