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February 2024 - Mild Winter, Major Fun

February Newsletter

Snow Removal — Please keep obstructions off streets to assist with snow removal. Keep

vehicles and trailers to off street parking, especially after a snowfall. The snow removal policy

is for primary areas first, followed by residential streets and lastly, back lanes. When you see

our equipment moving snow, please wait for them to finish, before passing the tractor or bobcat.

Pet Licenses and Business Licenses expired on December 31st. Remember to stop by

the office and update your information. If you have lost your pet through the year, and haven’t

contacted us, please call into the office to let us know. We have voice mail, if you need, or you

can email If you are breeding your pet, you do need a special license,

check in with the staff at the office to get more information. Licenses were due by January 31.

Remember our bylaw has a four pet limit.

Water & Sewer — During 2023, sewer clogs caused problems in excess of our budgeted

amount. This has been a consistent problem the last few years. Wipes should never go into the

toilet. As this is becoming a regular problem, Council will be considering raising the cost of the

sewer section of the utility bills to compensate for these ongoing costs. As well, we are looking

at a water rate increase, due to Sask Water increasing their rates again this year.

Building Information — If you are altering your home or garage, there may be permits

required. Please ensure that you get your permit in advance of starting your project.

Loraas Bins — If they are cracked or have wheel problems, please let us know at the Town

Office and we will get a replacement bin to you. In order to preserve our pavement, please place

your black and blue carts right at the edge of the pavement.

Administrator Retirement — After 28.5 years in Allan and Lost River, your

administrator, Christine Dyck has announced her retirement for late spring 2024. Councils will

be considering the process to hire a replacement in the next while.

Hearing Clinic for Farmers will be held at the Town Office on Feb 15, make sure to

register if interested!

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office . Check Health Canada for some extended expiry dates.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To read the entire newsletter, Click the attached PDF.

02_February 2024
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