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January 2024 - A Snowless far...

Welcome 2024

Volunteer of the Year — Congratulations to our winners, Sharon and Les Buckmaster! They had

many nominators. We would like to acknowledge the other nominees:

Ashley Carrobourg, Larissa Fusick, Anita Holtorf, Sandra Legare, and Kent Sommerfeld.

Pet Licenses and Business Licenses expire on December 31st. Remember to stop by the office

and update your information. If you have lost your pet through the year, and haven’t contacted us, please

call into the office to let us know. We have voice mail, if you need, or you can email: If you are breeding your pet, you do need a special license, check in with the

staff at the office to get more information.

Loraas Bins — If they are cracked or have wheel problems, please let us know at the Town Office and

we will get a replacement bin to you. In order to preserve our pavement, please place your black and blue

carts right at the edge of the pavement.

Parking and Snow Removal — The snow fence, although working well to keep the snow out of town

so far, isn’t likely to keep it out through the entire winter, so, please remove obstructions on streets to avoid problems with snow removal. Keep vehicles and trailers off street parking, after a snowfall. The snow

removal policy is for primary areas first, followed by residential streets and lastly, back lanes. When you

see our equipment moving snow, please wait for them to finish before passing the tractor or bobcat.

Wipes in the Pipes — These are not good for our sanitary sewer system, even if they do say flushable.

They do not dissolve enough before getting to our pumps. To prevent back ups in your home, or the town

pumps, please toss them into the trash.

Building Information — If you are altering your home/garage, there may be permits required. Please

ensure that you get your permit in advance of starting your project.

Harassment Training — Council would still like to all of our committee members take the course. The

link is: Courses Overview - Enough Already ( Please forward a copy of your

completion certificate to the Town Office, so we know you’ve taken it to:

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Check Health Canada for some extended expiry dates.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To view the entire newsletter, please see the attached PDF.

01_January 2024
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