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January 2023 - Happy New Year!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

News from the Town Office Best Wishes for a Prosperous, Safe and Happy New Year for You and Yours. Keep Our Community Safe– During snow removal Please Keep Everyone Safe by waiting until equipment has stopped to proceed past a work area, or take an alternate route. With the huge Christmas Day and Dec 28th snowfalls, we will be cleaning up for quite a while. If you see the bobcat, tractor or town trucks, please give them space to work. Also, please get your Loraas Bins and vehicles off the street to help work progress more quickly. Parking—Move vehicles and trailers to off street parking, especially after a snowfall. The Town can tow these vehicles if they are not moved. Snow Removal Concerns— Please call the Town Office if it is an emergency. 306 257-3272. Our dedicated public works staff are putting in long hours to get Allan cleaned up, including on Christmas Day. If you put your complaints on Facebook, the staff may not see it. 2023 Licenses—Remember your Pet’s License Expires on December 31, 2022. Please remember that licenses are due by January 31 each year, or your may be ticketed. 2023 Business Licenses—All Home Based Business owners are reminded that your current license expires on December 31, 2022. Please stop by the office to renew your licence for 2023. These are also due by January 31st. Snow Removal Policy Reminder —Priority areas will be cleaned first, based on snow conditions.

  •  Clearing the Fire Hall, 200 Block of Main St. and Town Office and are to be done immediately, this includes sidewalks at the Town Office and Entrances to the Fire Hall.

  •  Saskatchewan Street, in front of the school is also to be cleared, clearing school parking areas will be charged to the school.

  •  Clearing in front of other active Main Street Business area and Second Avenue, to the Seniors residence and to the Post Office are next in importance.

  •  At this point, the Co-op (charged to the Co-op) and Daycares are the priority.

  •  Remainder of areas to be done based on the snow event.

  •  Before scheduled use, the Transfer Station Access, Rink Parking Lot, Baptist Church Parking Lot and Second Avenue in front of the Catholic Church are to be cleared.

  •  As a service to the public, town equipment will be allowed to plough snow at the local cemeteries with no charge.

  •  Snow removal in residential driveways is not permitted by town equipment. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To view the full newsletter, see the attached PDF!

01_January 2023
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