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February 2023 - It's been mild, let's hope it stays that way!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

News from the Town Office Our Town Foreman, Derald (Doodley) Hanson is moving on to a new job. We wish him well and thank him for his dedication. We are taking applications to fill this position. We have advertised on Saskjobs, Facebook, and Sask OCB. If you are interested please check these out and get your application in very soon. Keep Our Community Safe– During snow removal, Please Keep Everyone Safe by waiting until equipment has stopped to proceed past a work area, or take an alternate route. Parking—Move vehicles and trailers to off street parking, especially after a snowfall. The Town can tow these vehicles if they are not moved. Snow Removal Concerns— Please call the Town Office at 306 257-3272 or email 2023 Licenses—Remember your Pet’s License Expired on December 31, 2022. Please remember that licenses are due by January 31 each year, or your may be ticketed. 2023 Business Licenses—All Home Based Business owners are reminded that your license expired on December 31, 2022. Please stop by the office to renew your licence for 2023. These are due by January 31st. If you are doing business in Allan, a business license is a requirement. Summer student job positions will be posted soon, keep an eye out. COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

02_February 2023
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