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August 2023 - Another Beautiful Summer

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

News from the Town Office Town Council established the Pool Policies below (in Rec. Admin report) to keep the children in our community as safe as they can reasonably be. We know this is a change, but it is being made in an effort to keep all the children in our pool safe.

Harrassment Training for Town Committees—Council is very concerned about harassment in our community. As a result, all the town recognized community organizations’ members will be required to attend harassment training provided by the Council early this fall. Anyone else who would be interested in attending may leave their name and phone number at the town office to be contacted when the sessions are scheduled.

Fire Insurance —Council members raised some concerns regarding the cost of fire response at their last meeting. Although, at this time, the Town of Allan does not charge for fire fighting, any other fire departments attending the fire, such as Blucher-Lost River Fire District, Colonsay, or Young will be sending invoices to you. We recommend checking with your broker and carrying $10,000.00 in fire fighting insurance on your policy.

Recreation Facilities Maintenance — We have been advised that we will be needing to fill this position again, Michael has resigned for personal reasons, so, more information is on page 2 of the newsletter.

Tree and Shrub Trimming—It is still difficult getting through some of the lanes and on some of the sidewalks, please make sure people can use the sidewalks and navigate lanes around your property. Remember front hedges are to be no more than a meter high.

Garbage & Recycle Bins—Many of our bins are now over 20 years sold. If they are cracked or have wheel problems, please let us know at the Town Office and we will get a replacement bin to you.

Pets —Remember we have a pooper scooper section in our animal control bylaw. All pets must be licensed and on leashes when not in your yard.

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To view the entire newsletter, click the attached PDF.

08_August 2023
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