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April 2023 - Spring's around the corner, we promise...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

News from the Town Office April is here and we are still waiting for spring... all this snow and ice will be melting, storm drains might freeze, especially when melting is followed by low temperatures. Please call the town office if a storm drain is flooding near you, we are watching for it, and know the problem areas, but can’t be everywhere at once. 2023 Business Licenses—If your home based business is still in operation, please drop by the Town Office to pay for 2023. If you have not made application to the Town for a development permit, please pick up an application at the Town Office to make your business legal. Pet Clean Up—we have received some complaints about people not cleaning up after their pets this month. As the snow melts, this will become more visible. Please take care of your animal’s mess. Spring Cleaning—When the snow finally goes, please see to spring clean up. To as- sist in the spring clean up, Town Council has declared that the last Saturday in April to be a no gate fee day for Town of Allan Residents. This will be on Sat., April 29 at the Transfer Station, during regular hours. This means yard waste can be brought in with no gate charge. Anything going into the Loraas bin will be subject to the usual rates. Keep your eyes peeled for our Public Works staff – During snow removal and flood mitigation, please keep everyone safe by waiting until equipment has stopped to proceed past a work area, or take an alternate route. Our new foreman will be starting in April.

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To view the entire newsletter, see the attached PDF.

04_April 2023
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