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September 2022 - Back to School!

News from the Town Office Back to School—That came quickly. Remember to watch for children heading to school. Also, please remember to mind your speed near the school and park.

Roads vs Sidewalks - We are happy to note the work on 2nd Ave and Queen Street has been completed for this year. Our town staff have been doing some significant pothole patching. As a result, Town Council has made the decision to allocate the majority of the sidewalk budget to pothole patching. We are shocked at the number of people who ignore the pylons we’ve set up and drive right through the work area. Please KEEP OUR WORKERS SAFE AND STAY OUT OF CONSTRUCTION zones in the Town of Allan.

Redbird Fibre Internet—Redbird will be installing the individual connections in the next while. You still have the opportunity to connect for free while the crews remain in town. You are still able to pick up their gift cards at the library. They are also sponsoring the upcoming fall Library barbeque and book sale.

Fall Clean Up—When doing your fall clean up, remember that our public works department can do a better job of snow removal when your vehicles are parked off the street, or moved during snow removal. Please remember to keep your hedges in the front yard 1 meter high and, keep the grass mowed to keep our community looking great. Debris in lanes is a problem to clear lanes of snow.

Home Based Businesses—Council has considered and approved many different Home Based Businesses in Allan from automotive repair to daycare. Make sure you’re included when we put it on the website.

PETS—Our Animal Control Bylaw requires licenses to be on all dogs and cats. Remember leashes are mandatory when not in your yard. Clean up after your pet no matter where they do their business.

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

If you'd like to read the entire Newsletter, see the attached PDF.

09_September 2022
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