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September 2021 - School's back in session!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

News from the Town Office Garbage & Recycle Bin PlacementThe day is soon coming when Loraas will be instructed to leave cans which are too far back. Please pull out your refuse can right to the edge of the pavement. Also, please put them away as soon as you are able. What The Flush!—NO MORE WIPES IN THE PIPES, PLEASE, they are not flushable (despite what the label says). The Town has spent a significant amount cleaning these items from our enclosed sewer system. House Numbers—Please ensure that your house numbers are clear and visible on the street of your address. This will ensure the Fire Department and First Responders find you as quickly as possible. Fire Bans—As we had an extremely dry summer, and if we have dry fall, it’s time for a reminder about the Fire Restriction Bylaw. Fines for burning during a fire ban will range from $500.00 to $10,000.00. If fires are banned, we will be using the voice messaging system, signs posted around town, notifying the controlled burn line as well as Facebook and the Website. Burning during a ban is dangerous, so we trust you will help keep our community safe. Trees & Shrubs—We note that there is a significant overgrowth of trees and bushes along sidewalks and in lanes. Please clear these up so that emergency vehicles can access the lanes. Elms may be cut as of September 30th. Check out our Newly Designed Website at Thanks Jordan Hafichuk! Please be patient and kind, as we are all facing the challenges of getting through this try- ing time. We hope everyone is still staying safe, maintaining distances, washing hands and wearing your masks when you see fit. Thank you for sticking it to COVID. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind.

To read the full September Newsletter - view the attached PDF!

September 2021
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