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May 2022 - Ready to get outside!

News from the Town Office Spring Cleaning—It’s that time again. Please clean up your yards, stack your lumber and mow your tall grass. Council usually takes a look at this in May. Home Based Businesses—Please get your applications for Home Occupations in as soon as possible, to take advantage of our current grace period. Get your applications in now. Council’s patience for non approved home based businesses is starting to run low. Animal Control—Remember, all dogs and cats are to be leashed, and under control when not contained in your yard. Also, you must clean up after your pet. Bylaw enforcement deals with written complaints on a monthly basis. Council is happy to advise that: Redbird is pleased to present fibre-optic internet service to the Town of Allan. Installation crews of Redbird are working on other communities in the area and can build this summer into our community, free of any installation charges, if interest levels reach 65% of households within the next 45 days. Interest is tracked by going to their website and filling in the “sign-up” form. See what you have now with a search of “Speedtest” in your browser. COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

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May 2022
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