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May 2021 - Count on yourself, because it's Census time!

Make sure you Count Yourself In! The weather is getting warmer, people are spending more time outside. We at the Town Office hear complaints regarding barking dogs, animals at large, etc. Remember, if your animal is not contained (house, fence) they must be on a leash. You must clean up after your pets as well. Also, No Dogs in the Park. Stunting/Speeding Drivers—if you see this happen, please call the RCMP. 310-RCMP(7267). Complaints will keep us on RCMP priority. Spring Cleaning—The Council will be working to ensure properties are cleaned up this year in Allan. We don’t want to send out the letters regarding clean up, so, help by making sure your grass is mowed, debris is cleaned up, and any mess is contained. What The Flush!—Remember: NO WIPES IN THE PIPES. Grease, wipes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel and sanitary supplies do not belong in the sewer lines. Please be patient and kind, as we are all being challenged. We hope everyone is staying safe, maintaining distances, washing hands and wearing your masks. Let’s all Stick it to COVID and take advantage of the chance to get us back to normal as soon as we can. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind.

See the attached PDF for the full Newsletter.

May 2021
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