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July 2022 - Summer, Underway!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

News from the Town Office

LOADING MOTORCYCLES AND QUADS ON OUR WATER RESERVOIR IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Recently people have been using the raised reservoir behind the Allan Waterworks to load these vehicles. No Trespassing signs are going up in this area. DO NOT use the top of the Town’s Water Supply!


Our sewer system is not designed for so called “Flushable” wipes. Wipes clog our sewage system causing thousands of your dollars to be spent on vac trucks to clean them out. Only toilet paper and human waste should ever be flushed.

Fibre Internet

Over the next month, Redbird will be doing a lot of promotion in our community. They will be passing out packages the first week of July. To bring Fibre Internet to town, thirty percent of the house- holds have signed up, we’re halfway there!

Keep Allan Looking Good

Mowing has definitely been a challenge this year! We ask that everyone continue to keep your grass mowed, hedges trimmed, lumber stacked etc.

Home Based Businesses

Council has reviewed a lot of different Home Based Businesses in Allan. We will put a list of Home Based businesses on our website, in the near future. Make sure you’re on the list!

Dogs & Cats

All dogs and cats are to be leashed and under control when not in your yard. Clean up after your pet no matter where they do their business. Bylaw enforcement deals with written complaints on a monthly basis. When you have a concern, contact the office for a form. We cannot do any enforcement without a written complaint. For Dog Bite, contact the RCMP and Public Health.

COVID Rapid Test Kits are still available for pick up at the Town Office. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind

To read the full newsletter, see the attached PDF!

07_July 2022
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