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August 2021 - Summer fun!

News from the Town Office What The Flush!—The latest clog in our lines had a piece of wood and a wooden puzzle piece, along with WIPES, sanitary supplies, etc. WIPES IN THE PIPES are not flushable (despite what the label says). Grease, wipes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel, sanitary supplies and CLOTHING or RAGS do not belong in the sewer lines. Garbage Bin Placement—Please pull out your garbage can right to the edge of the pavement. This will keep the truck from driving over the weak edges of pavement and breaking up the road in front of your house. Please help us by pulling your can out just a wee bit further. Also, please put them away as soon as you are able. Swimming PoolThank you for your patience as we struggled to get the pool open this year. We are very happy to hear the splashing and activity that goes along with the pool being open. Conduct in Town OfficeRecently, we have had several people, who were upset with Town policies or billings (water, taxes, etc.) enter the office and yell at the ladies working there. This is NOT acceptable. Council will not tolerate staff being verbally abused. Please calm down before entering the office and the staff will be happy to help you resolve your concern. BranchesinPowerLines: DidyouknowthatyoucancallSaskPowerand they will take down branches which could interfere with power lines. If you have branches that are tangling up your power lines, give them a call. We are back to normal, mostly! This has been a long time coming. Although there is still COVID about, and it will affect us for a long time, it is wonderful to see faces again!. Thank you to everyone who Stuck it to COVID. Please be pa- tient and kind, as we are all facing the challenges of safely getting everything op- erating normally, in this new open world. We hope everyone is still staying safe, maintaining distances, washing hands and wearing your masks when you see fit.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind.

To read the entire newsletter, view the attached PDF!


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